A Thoughtful Combination of Local Raw Honey & Full-Spectrum CBD


Hey Bud!

HoneyBud was born out of a desire to improve people’s lives worldwide. Our founders, who worked with top athletes and people with disabilities, saw the potential of our product in aiding sleep, recovery, pain management, anxiety, and more. Our thoughtful combination of Local Raw Honey and Full-Spectrum CBD is now available to all.

Client Testimonials

"I am a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu blue belt and I used HoneyBud CBD post training. I get a lot of pain in my hands/ hips from training and HoneyBud CBD gave me SO much relief! I’m normally not a big fan of CBD taste but their products taste just like natural honey but better!! I recommend this product to any athlete and anyone looking to add an extra boost to their daily recovery routine!"
"One of the best sleeps I've ever had."
Sean (C5 Quad)
"I felt like a took NyQuil but without the sleepy hangover"